A Man, His Camera And Photos For All

By Melissa Sher

Photographer David Moriya was supposed to fly to Los Angeles for a film festival on January 21, 2017. But he ended up canceling his flight to stay in New York. “I knew I had to be with my city for the Women’s March,” he said.

At the Women’s March, Moriya took hundreds of photos and ended up donating many of them to the organizers. After the New York protest, the once primarily lifestyle, street and music photographer made a decision to cover as many marches, rallies and demonstrations as he could.

Since making that decision, Moriya has covered more than 50 events in the last 10 months and amassed thousands of photos. “I had all of these great photos, and they were just sitting there on my hard drive and they weren’t going to use. Some could go on Instagram and Facebook, but that was it. And I didn’t want the story to die there,” said Moriya. “I knew the work could be used for something. And that was the start of me looking around and saying, ‘You want photos? Here you go. Take them.’”

As a result of Moriya’s desire to offer nonprofits and other interested groups photos that could be put to use, his website, Rogue Photo, was born. It’s a nonprofit photojournalism and stock photo hub that offers royalty-free images related to “opposition of discrimination, bigotry, silencing of the press and defunding of government agencies.”

And while all of the photos are available for free, donations are appreciated. “Photography is what I do,” said Moriya. “It is what drives me every day. It is my personal way of fighting and spreading the word about what is going on in the world.”

Take a look at just some of Moriya’s photos from the past year, below, and view more of his work on Rogue Photo website:

Forty-Thousand Counterprotesters outnumber Freedom of Speech Rally
An estimated 40,000 participants turned out in Boston on August 19th to counter-protest a “free speech” rally that many feared would be a platform for hate groups.  By David Moriya/Rogue Photo.
Fatima Goss Graves of the National Women’s Law Center spoke at the “We The People Rally: Reclaiming our Constitution” in September 2017. By David Moriya/Rogue Photo. 
Demonstrators stood outside of the Stonewall Inn in February 2017 in support of transgender youth. By David Moriya/Rogue Photo.
Participants in the Charlottesville to D.C. “March to Confront White Supremacy” walked over 100 miles this past August. By David Moriya/Rogue Photo.
Participants in march from Charlottesville to D.C., in the rain. By David Moriya/Rogue Photo.
The Women’s March in New York City on January 21st. It’s been estimated that more than four million participants took part in the coordinated effort. By David Moriya/Rogue Photo.
A sign from the crowd outside Kennedy International Airport this past January after an executive order banning travel from six Muslim-majority countries was announced. By David Moriya/Rogue Photo.


Cover photo of David Moriya; courtesy of Rogue Photo.  

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